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Over 37 years ago, back in 1980, a school teacher named Richard Sorin sweated over a hot piece of hand-cut and welded steel in a small 2 car garage. He had already taught the scholastic weightlifting club that morning, followed by AM bus duty, 8 hours of gym class, PM bus duty (for extra money that was used to eventually start his business),  and then the jogging club for the teaching staff. Following the school day, he would tear across town to make the steel yard before it closed, strap steel to the roof of a 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser, and drive back across town to get started with his new business and dream…Sorin Exercise Equipment.

You see, he loved to weight lift, and with a background of collegiate track and field, and national level Olympic weightlifting, he knew his way around a weight room. What he did not have, however, was access to any super-strong, customizable, sport specific weightlifting equipment. Nothing on the market at the time was good enough for him. He was tired of the bar being “set” so low by weightlifting equipment manufacturers, so he did the only thing he could come up with, he made his own.

The premise was to make functional strength training equipment that could be customized and above all, BOMB PROOF. After he would make a piece of strength training equipment, he would sell it to local gyms, schools or institutions. Some he would keep for himself, to put in his growing customized gym, where some huge weights were lifted, and modern grip training was born. As the years went by, the designs improved and the customer list grew like wildfire. The name Sorin Exercise Equipment was eventually shortened and changed to Sorinex, and the equipment kept getting better, all the while made in the good ole’ USA. 

Now, over 30 years later Sorinex is still a family owned business and employs more people than ever. Sorinex works with hundreds of colleges and high schools, over 90% of the NFL, a slew of military bases, and some of the strongest folks ever to wrap their hands around a barbell. Some of our designs have changed the face of strength  training forever, and can be found in almost any serious gym in the world. During this process of growth, our clients have become an extended family to us, part of our tribe. We realize we are still around because of our great customers and friends. We want to take the opportunity to thank YOU, our customers, supporters, vendors and friends for being the foundation on which Sorinex is built. Without you, there is no Sorinex. We promise to do our best to serve you, with the best strength training equipment and service in the industry for the next three decades.

*All Sorinex Branded and Manufactured Equipment are covered by a Non-Transferable Life Time Warranty



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